Drop Shipper Services

The Midwest Drop Shipper to trust with your products and reputation

When do you need a direct to consumer drop ship order fulfillment company that understands ecommerce order fulfillment, vendor compliance, and can handle multi-channel distribution?

Let’s suppose “www.BigBoxMulti-ChannelEcommerceProductsNow.com” just agreed to add your products to their website.  You are expected to fulfill hundreds of direct to consumer drop ship orders daily, even into the thousands in season with same-day shipping or within 24-hours to the US and Canada.  Retail drop shipping services and direct to distribution is also required, some with future ship dates you are certain to miss.  EDI, POs, ASNs, compliant packing lists with company logos, UCC128 barcode labels applied 1.6” from the top left on the long side of the shipping carton, 3rd-party billing, vendor routing, … STOP!!!!

It’s time! 

MDS Fulfillment is a vital retail drop shipping partner located in the Midwest for serious clients working with almost every major retailer and many smaller “mom and pop” retail chains.  Successful drop ship order fulfillment can make or break even the most gifted e-tailer with great products.  In terms of price, selection and customer experience, the best dot.com and brick and mortar retailers will choose to work with you because they want your products, AND because they believe you can deliver!  They need to see proof of solid inventory and order management with fast, compliant shipping to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction at the back end of a strong supply chain.  And, they will work with you because you outsource with MDS Fulfillment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – a great company in a strategic midwest location for optimal drop shipping services.

To satisfy the expectations of demanding consumers, retailers deliver on three fronts:

  • Price
  • Selection
  • Customer experience


Consider The Benefits

  1. With MDS Fulfillment as your drop shipper, YOU become an effective ecommerce wholesaler, improving your sales on high traffic retail websites while helping your retailers meet their objectives.
  2. As an experienced drop shipper, WE make you 100% compliant and help you meet retailer expectations with professional ecommerce order fulfillment.
  3. WE keep costs down for both you and the retailer.
  4. [We’re invisible.  It’s all about you.  YOU get all the “glory” – growth in sales and gross margin!!
  5. One MDS Client experienced 50% growth in sales in year two of a leading product through our drop shipping services.  In Year three they have already grown B2C and B2B sales of this product by 157% over year two.  The 2014 forecast is 1.1 million units.
  6. Midwest fulfillment location for faster delivery and lower shipping costs.


Why drop ship with MDS Fulfillment?

For companies that sell exclusively online, drop ship order fulfillment explodes selling potential and simplifies the entire process.  MDS Fulfillment drop shipping services enables “e-tailers” to offer extensive product lines because we have virtually unlimited warehousing space for a vast range of products.  We have a trained and dedicated fulfillment staff ready and able to quickly respond to orders and customer care needs.  We’re packaging and shipping experts with all the best strategic relationships for everything you need – packaging, cartons, mailing and shipping with all the top carriers plus deep discounts via FedEx.

You entrust your reputation – and your retailers’ – with the drop shipper you choose.  Your drop shipper is a critical “invisible” partner in the retail chain who can make or break your reputation and your retail relationships.  When you work with MDS Fulfillment, you have over 20 years of fulfillment experience in a capable partner committed to the highest quality standards.  We are YOU and YOU are us.  You can tell your retailers an accountable six-sigma based quality program is in place measuring and driving fulfillment performance with your drop shipper. You can show them your quality scorecard reporting on five critical industry benchmarks for best practice quality standards. Check this out here:  “MDS WERC Quality Benchmarking


MDS Fulfillment offers a full range of drop shipping services:

  • Warehousing
  • Pick and pack
  • Assembly and Kitting
  • Shopping Cart integration via web services / API
  • Same-day / 24-hour turnaround
  • 100% vendor compliance
  • Low shipping rates / third-party billing
  • Shipping to US, Canada, and International
  • 24/7 Web Access to real-time inventory, order status, tracking and more
  • Best practice methods and best price solutions
  • Working with most major retailers and adding more every month


At MDS Fulfillment, we fulfill your orders and manage your inventory so that you can focus on running your business.  Contact us to learn more about our drop ship order fulfillment capabilities.