Service Parts

Brand Loyalty

MDS understands the importance of branding to companies and organizations. For many, the decision to buy one product over another turns on brand alone. Having a strong dealer network with excellent parts availability has been a central sales theme for years with leading manufacturers. Enter the service parts program. Whether parts distribution contributes to or erodes margin, supports sales and provides a service of real value or falls short of expectations may hinge on an approach and attitudue towards the program.

Successful companies know that brand loyalty is frequently dependent on what happens after the sale. An unexpected problem or regular service milestone is an opportunity for the parts program. The response should be well-planned, executed quickly and with precision. A cost-effective third-party solution for a service parts program provides many benefits:

  • RF bar-code WMS
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Client-tailored systems
  • ASN, PO management
  • Order consolidation, batching
  • Same-day & 24-hour shipping
  • Rush / emergency shipments
  • CIP / Quality assurance
  • Catalog-styled program support
  • Automated backorder system
  • Assembly, kitting, bill-of-materials
  • Specialized packaging
  • Short dock-to-stock times
  • Client-specific systems interface
  • Online access to data for tracking, reporting, maintenance
  • FIFO, lot, & serial number control
  • Obsolescence, min./max., replenishment control
  • Returns management
  • Inspection programs
  • Cycle-count / Physical Inventory
  • International shipping & receiving
  • Custom & special on-demand reports