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When a Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

subscription box fulfillment
If you’ve read about Subscription Box Fulfillment anywhere else it probably sounded good or even great. If you’re like us, navigating through all of the well designed narratives on fulfillment of Subscription Boxes can be tiring and tends to result in indecision. We ask what and who is behind this “curtain” of nice-sounding words. Is this real and will the words really translate into “walking the talk”.

What are the special skill sets and resources that make for highly effective, successful ecommerce subscription box fulfillment programs?

Words matter. What matters more is their true meaning and putting them into practice every day.

Ask us about our Subscription Box Fulfillment services! While you’re at it, we welcome any questions as to why we are different than the others. We have been told time and again that MDS is refreshing in the fulfillment space because we do what we say we are going to do every day, on every order and every Subscription Box we kit and ship for our clients.

Subscription styled programs are nothing new. It’s something MDS Fulfillment has been doing over the past 25 years, better known at one time as “continuity programs”. Words like ‘continuity’ have meanings that are often overlooked. Words are powerful and can have a special emphasis not always visible at the surface. Consider for example, some words we dug up as Subscription Box Fulfillment “keywords” at MDS.

Why is ‘progressive’ important? Subscription box programs that are progressive are more likely to work. They often develop in stages, step by step. They are continuous, increasing, growing, developing, accelerating, escalating, and of course, ongoing.

Continue or continuous are the root words of continuity for which progressive is another term. As a marketer of subscription box programs, you’ll notice the synonyms at left likely describe characteristics you would have define your subscription box fulfillment or “continuity” program.

Cornerstone is another word that pays dividends when the full definition is considered. Enough is said here so let’s examine the Four Cornerstones of MDS Subscription Box Fulfillment in more detail.

Four Cornerstones of MDS Best in Class Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

[su_tabs class=”moreinfotabs”][su_tab title=”It’s Personal”]

One reason the ecommerce subscription box space has quickly become a multi-billion dollar industry is because people love the idea of personalizing a surprise package, whether ordering online for themselves or sending a unique gift to a special person. The gift needs to surprise, excite, and be personal.

At MDS, we pride ourselves on creating a stunning and perfect experience for your customer. We do it exactly the way you would do it if you were doing it yourself. We make sure that the package enhances your brand inside and out.

By partnering with a quality fulfillment partner you can focus on growing your subscribers knowing that MDS is doing the right thing by putting your ecommerce subscription box or gift box together with a personal touch. That may mean adding a custom message, using special packaging materials like colorful tissue, shredded crinkle paper, ribbons and bows, gift wrapping, and a shipping box that shouts “I’m one-of-a-kind” by its style, color, and branding.[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Kitting and Packaging”]

It’s been said, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Sorry, but who obeys that command? The package (cover) must be judged to set the expectation of exciting quality content!

When a subscription box is opened, what’s in the box should deliver on the expectation an exciting cover has set.

We work closely with you and our trusted box suppliers to provide that beautiful, branded box to set a high expectation. Then we make sure things fit right inside. We help design the layout of the contents with your guidance and best interests in mind. We use scale drawings and spreadsheet calculations with physical sampling. We photograph the items and finished kit to tell the story of the box inside and out for your feedback, changes, and final approval. We can suggest and provide both the right box and fill, to present, protect, and polish the look and feel of your subscription box or gift box.[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Products & Shipping”]

Combining a varied mix of products can present a challenge when packaging them to serve more than “one master”.

It must look great and stay put and there can be no “fighting” between items on the journey to the customer. Add one glass bottle with liquid and the fancy paper weight. These are 2 items that cannot get to “know each other” but must look cool “in the same space” on a rough ride we all know the parcel carriers are sure to deliver.

What, you say? There’s a chocolate bar too and we’re shipping in the middle of July and need to keep it literally cool and not just looking cool? Okay, and try to keep it under 2 LB shipping weight. You better call MDS Fulfillment. That’s right, because we’ve seen a few things.[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Timing – Shipping Speed & Cost”]

Everyone is on a budget and timing is everything. We totally get that.

We protect you from the pitfalls of excessive shipping, packaging, and material costs whenever possible as you launch a new subscription box or gift box. We’ll ask when you want the package to arrive at the customer’s door and work backwards to time the arrival of products, cartons, packaging materials, shipping address lists, and anything else that enables us to do the job and ship on time to hit deadlines for delivery. We can sort your customer list by time in transit and tier ship to produce a unified delivery cadence.

We are a creative bunch. We don’t “sit across the table” from you. We are at your side brainstorming best way shipping. Our high volume of shipping affords us the best discounts in the industry, yet we are family owned, so we’ll never make you feel like you’re anything less than family to us.[/su_tab] [/su_tabs]

Consider the Benefits of MDS Subscription Box Fulfillment

  1. Subscription box creativity and customization capability almost without limit.
  2. Broad logistics, fulfillment, packaging and shipping experience.
  3. A wide range of resources at your immediate disposal for almost every aspect of executing a fantastic and highly successful subscription box program to delight the customer.
  4. The most cost-effective, sensible pricing approach to deliver complete transparency and accountability.
  5. Quality that is defined, enforced by consistent process and procedures, tracked, and reported.
  6. Relationship – we are talented people, highly qualified, committed, and caring, but the most lasting quality is that we are nice people to work with.

Why MDS for your Subscription Box Fulfillment?

Our satisfied and loyal customers can always give the best answers to this question.  Is it not true that as consumers we most often make a purchase because someone we trust has tried the product and given it a rave review? Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Ashley (Operations Manager for a large ecommerce company)” class=”ServiceTestimonial”]Thanks again for getting those numbers back to us today! I’m really excited about the savings and applying that to our cost per kit sheet you made for me, in the monthly pallet storage column. This will really help out when we are trying to manage costs.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Courtney (U.S. National Sales Manager, Personal Care Products/Corporate Gifts)” class=”ServiceTestimonial”]I wanted to thank you for making sure this package look extra nice. I’m so appreciative of your thoughtful gesture and can’t thank you enough! My husband does consulting for (a large national hotel chain) and he will love that you guys made sure everything looked perfect. Thanks again and hope you have a lovely weekend!![/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Estelle (Customer Service Manager for a Global Cosmetics Company)” class=”ServiceTestimonial”]Hello MDS Team,
I just wanted to share with you one of our customer comments on our packaging and thank you for your efforts on building with us (the company brand) Customer Experience.
From: Ann Marie (consumer)

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my (brand name) products and also the speed at which they were delivered. They were also beautifully packaged, so I commend your efforts and style on that!”
We are a creative bunch. We don’t “sit across the table” from you. We’re at your side brainstorming best way shipping, packaging, and fulfillment. Our shipping discounts are as good as the “big guys” because we are a big guy, only you’ll always have that family-owned and operated feeling because it’s who we are.

If you are looking for more about subscription box kitting and fulfillment, please visit our Kitting and Assembly page or contact us now!