Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Do What You Do Best

What pulls you in different directions at the same time?  Has overseeing your fulfillment operations delayed the release of that great new product? Are day to day orders, shipping, and customer support issues keeping you from spending valuable time promoting your product? Maybe your latest promotion worked so well that you can’t keep up with the order volume and countless calls from unhappy customers asking “where’s my order” or “I got the wrong thing”? Chances are, you didn’t start your business because you wanted to pick, pack, and ship orders, and your time could be better spent on higher value activities.

Ecommerce Success Happens at MDS Fulfillment Every Day

At MDS, a recent ecommerce client did just exactly that, trust their new fulfillment partner (MDS) after a recent appearance on a national TV show just having moved their fulfillment from an under-performing 3rd-party company to MDS. After nearly 2,000 new orders poured in over the weekend following the show, MDS was able to meet our clients standards of performance, prompting this client’s operations executive to write:

[su_quote cite=”Ashley” class=”ServiceTestimonial”]Awesome! Again, thank you so much Cicely and the MDS team. We are so impressed with your service. We couldn’t have asked for a better fulfillment center to work with.[/su_quote]

Urgent or Important?

Emails, phone calls, flat sales, missed opportunities – are these some of the things keeping you up at night? Are they stopping you from growing your ecommerce business?

Change can be tough. Maybe turning your ecommerce fulfillment operations over to the right partner is easier than you think. You know what you do best. What if there was an ecommerce fulfillment company like you, one that cared, with great talent and focus? Imagine doing the important things while someone else took on the urgent matters that hold you back from greater success. Yes, it is time you had a fulfillment partner able to deliver best in class service and the image you and your products deserve.

How MDS Makes Your Ecommerce Fulfillment Best in Class

First we define “Best in Class”. Well, not exactly us, but we do benchmark our fulfillment quality against DC Measures taken from WERC WATCH, a publication of the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC, an association for logistics professionals).

By choosing this source for our quality metrics or KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), MDS opts to measure itself against the best of the best.  The direct quote below underscores this point:

[su_quote cite=”DC Measures 2016 (WERC WATCH Spring 2016)” class=”ServiceTestimonial”]How Good is the Data? Given that respondents are members of a premier warehousing and distribution association and/or readers of a leading distribution magazine, the benchmarks may be better than the general population of DCs. These organizations and publications tend to attract high performers who are continually improving their operations.[/su_quote]

The table below reports Median and Best In Class findings from the annual survey of benchmarking measures among WERC members and DC Velocity magazine readers.

Secondly, we flat out say it. “MDS Fulfillment provides best in class ecommerce order fulfillment services that are directly responsible for helping our clients achieve exponential growth in sales and profitability.”

Then, we apply a radical business principle. We do what we say. We track the metrics and meet or beat every number under column 3, ‘Best in Class’ year in and year out, client by client. We remain accountable and transparent. We report our performance in a quality scorecard, calculating each client’s Perfect Order Index for the month.

Here are a few more ways we enhance your image through best in class fulfillment:

  • Direct integration with most major ERP systems and shopping carts via API
  • Same-day and 24-hour shipping
  • 99.997% accurate order pick, pack, and ship
  • Low cost, best-way shipping B2C, B2B, B2D
  • Midwest fulfillment center serving the US & Canada faster from a single central distribution point
  • 24-7 real-time visibility via online Web Access
  • Clear transaction based pricing in a detailed Rate Model
  • Drop-ship fulfillment and Vendor compliance
  • Product experience spanning A – Z markets
  • Six-sigma inspired Quality Program with formal Customer Complaint Resolution, CIP, Scorecard
  • One-stop fulfillment service with numerous value add
  • EOS Business Practice (Entrepreneurial Operating System)

Four Cornerstones of MDS Best in Class Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

[su_tabs class=”moreinfotabs”][su_tab title=”Integration”]

Have you noticed how so many fulfillment websites run their readers through the same tired old narrative on integration? We have it all and are right there, but we won’t make you listen to another worn out phrase. We like simple and straightforward as a business principle. Our favorite definition of the word “integration” goes back to the year 1802. (remember how advanced technology had become back then?)

Integration: “to put together parts or elements and combine them into a whole”

We can give you the whole solution. Simply put, MDS integrates with virtually any good open source shopping cart application, CRM or ERP program. We carefully put together the essential parts and precisely combine them into a whole to accomplish everything you need to effectively run your ecommerce business. Our APIs give you 24-7 visibility to your inventory, orders, and way more in real time. We work hard so you can experience “easy” when it comes to ecommerce fulfillment IT Integration.[/su_tab]
[su_tab title=”Quick Response”]

When we onboard a new client we uncover all the business rules needed to ensure as smooth a transition and seamless “go-live” event as possible. MDS will make certain the IT integration is the right fit and runs smoothly. This is the first step to being able to give a quick response to ecommerce orders needing same-day or 24 hour fulfillment. New orders that hit our APIs or FTP site are on picking guns within minutes and immediately undergo the first steps to a successful outcome for your customer. Technology drives accuracy and efficiency in a barcoded environment with multiple quality checks at pick, pack, and ship points in the life of an order. Our exclusive pack station technology ensures a 100% accurate order and sets up full transparency via the web for seeing what was shipped, when, in which carton, and how many, both of products and cartons per order. Our use of special package ID barcodes tracks your order through our operation and validates a correct shipping process at the end.

[su_tab title=”Web Access/Reporting”]

What do many MDS clients really want? “Give me great inventory accuracy first of all. Then I need to have online access 24-7 to view my inventory status in real-time, by SKU, Lot#, Serial#, location and by the way, I need to see what’s really available for ordering. You need to account for stock allocated and in-process, not just my on-hand. And, oh yes, pass me this in the APIs so Amazon, Ebay, and my other websites do not sell anything we actually don’t have to sell. I have just one more thing. I need to see customer order status and order SKU status with shipment and tracking visibility of all customer and order detail.”

Okay. Done! MDS provides it all with our intuitive Web Access portal in real-time. We even give you the order timeline to the minute and second and, though an exception for most orders, you have visibility to any special notes on the order affecting its processing or fulfillment. In case our unique Web Access is not enough, we also send you a full package of daily activity reports covering every critical fulfillment function current to the EOD. Every Month you also get a detailed summary workbook of everything we did together that supports your clear, detailed monthly invoice of services.[/su_tab]
[su_tab title=”Quality/CIP”]

If you don’t measure it you can’t improve it. If you measure it against an irrelevant benchmark you don’t know how good your number really is.

AT MDS we start with a very relevant benchmark compiled and updated annually by active logistics industry professionals. Then we apply a solid six-sigma approach in our business, defining a quality process, documenting processes in SOPs, and creating an actionable database to drive everything – capturing and reporting the transactions that become metrics that mean the most to our customers in terms of what they (and we) define as best in class quality ecommerce fulfillment service.

  1. Inventory Accuracy
  2. On-time Shipment
  3. Order pick accuracy
  4. Damage free shipping
  5. Correct documentation

Items 2 – 5 give us what is called a “perfect order index” which we calculate and report in a monthly scorecard alongside each of the above 5 individual metrics.

How does Ecommerce Order Fulfillment work at MDS?

MDS Ecommerce Order Fulfillment works so well we thought we would let a couple of our happy clients explain. Just look at what people are saying. For those of you wanting more information, please see the tabbed sections above or contact us. We would love to hear from you!

[su_quote cite=”Estelle (B2C ecommerce client, Customer Service Manager)” class=”ServiceTestimonial”]I just wanted to share with you one of our customer comments on our packaging and thank you for your efforts on building (our company’s) Customer Experience with us.[/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”Ann Marie (consumer customer)” class=”ServiceTestimonial”]I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my products and also the speed at which they were delivered. They were also beautifully packaged, so I commend your efforts and style on that![/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”Greg (Owner, ecommerce company)” class=”ServiceTestimonial”]Though we are miles apart, you are the rock we can always depend on. Please pass on our thanks to the pick-pack team. We are fortunate to have you, and don’t take a bit of it for granted. Thank you![/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”Abby, (COO, ecommerce company)” class=”ServiceTestimonial”]Thank you for a great meeting today! I’m so thankful to be working with a partner who is forward-thinking, precise, quality-minded and just as excited about the potential of (my company) as I am! Thanks![/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”Buddy, (CEO, non-profit ecommerce organization)” class=”ServiceTestimonial”]The challenges regarding our fulfillment needs normally come from our mostly late requests for handing delivery of product. Without exception, they (MDS) have always brought their talented and knowledgeable team to the table and met our deadlines with utmost efficiency. I do heartily and unequivocally recommend MDS to other organizations for their distribution and fulfillment needs. The main distinctiveness of MDS is their comprehensive team approach to solutions. When presented with our distribution challenges, they bring a very talented and efficient team into the equation in search of the best strategy for getting the job done in the most efficient manner.[/su_quote]