POS goods staged for bar-coding

Receiving is an often overlooked fulfillment process in which speed and accuracy are paramount and risk factors can abound. MDS systems are sharply focused in this area to eliminate the costly processing delays and errors that can occur in less disciplined environments – inaccuracies that can be compounded further down the supply chain.

Bar-coded product for scan for pick or put-away

MDS recognizes that receiving is a vulnerable point in the supply chain where discovery, investigation, and problem resolution must be immediate and administered by seasoned fulfillment professionals. MDS works closely with clients and their vendors to establish clear delivery policies and procedures for quality receiving. Yet, with the speed and complexity of business and marketing, even the best planning and foresight cannot account for every situation. When mistakes occur, regardless of the offending party or circumstance, the best service providers respond quickly with the right solutions.

Sample Carton Barcode

Containerized apparel merchandise, unloaded, validated, and palletized in receiving

Containerized apparel merchandise, unloaded, validated, and palletized in receiving

The Inbound Process

Client inventories received by MDS are entered into the WMS and validated as stock-keeping-units (SKU) using client-assigned item numbers. The WMS compares receipts to client purchase orders (PO), packing lists, and ASNs. Radio Frequency (RF) scanners display menu-driven options supporting a flexible system. Operators are directed by the technology according to established procedure per client, vendor, and receipt as they manage numerous potential variables “on the fly.”

MDS Fulfillment is vigilant. Every day clients benefit from the  experience,  sharp eye, and tools of exceptional technology that are brought to bear on all receiving processes.