State of the Art Technology and Systems Design are essential and will be found at the heart of any successful, growing organization that is serious about quality.

MDS Fulfillment understands technology must combine with quality systems and sound procedure to deliver consistent and accurate fulfillment results, regardless of the type of orders or inventories being managed. For this reason MDS uses an open, state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) with integrated Web Access to manage MDS client programs. The WMS can be configured to sustain a broad matrix of client inventory, order, shipping, and related data management requirements and conditions. This highly flexible software system gives users the ability to track in real time their inventory and fulfillment activity from PO to shipment to customer receipt of their order.

To accomplish this, MDS associates complete multiple tasks with portable high-end barcode scanners. This gives MDS clients the ability to view the exact status of their orders and inventory at any point in time.

System Architecture

The MDS WMS is a full-featured ERP type system covering order management and transportation management in addition to warehouse and inventory management. It is specifically designed for third-party fulfillment and warehousing operations. This open architecture, highly flexible system runs on a SQL database and a Dot Net platform.

Client Access

For our clients, there is a real-time, user-configurable web interface that provides a view into our systems. Some useful features include:

  • Online ordering in a shopping cart environment
  • Visibility of real-time inventory availability
  • The ability to run ad-hoc queries of order and inventory history
  • The ability to quickly find order tracking information and jump directly to carrier websites to track Fedex, UPS, and USPS shipments
  • Drill-down capabilities to review order, receiving, and inventory details
  • The ability to set alerts for email notification of events in the system, including low stock levels, receiving or order shipping notification, and many others
  • The capability to run and download reports to Excel

Client Interface

The level of sophistication and flexibility built into the software enables an effective, seamless interface to large and varied client host systems via FTP, Internet, or EDI channels. With the MDS WMS, exchanging and accessing data, modifying, adding, or removing system and database components, and any other themes relating to connectivity, form, and function are simplified, precise, cost-effective, and quickly implemented.

MDS supports all forms of flat files for inbound order integration, as well as XML, and EDI. Outbound, we support flat files and XML as well as integrating UCC-128 data via EDI as well as many proprietary vendor ASN systems. Additionally we can supply an API for product availability as well as order status and tracking information.