Executive Summary

We view each customer interaction and every order as an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, develop personal relationships, and expand revenue and profitability for our clients. To this end, we have combined the experience, talent, and training of dedicated people with the best technology and physical resources available to deliver an exceptional fulfillment experience for our clients and their customers.

MDS is a specialist in order management and global fulfillment of client inventories. Experience in third-party logistics and fulfillment extends over forty years, dating back to 1972. MDS has three large facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with more than 400,000 square feet and able to flex with our client demands.

MDS distinguishes itself with a core competency in sophisticated fulfillment systems. We have a rare ability to manage data and interface with client systems. With flexibility and superior technology, we bring focus and efficiency to the ordering and fulfillment process. MDS addresses client supply chain challenges, offering complete logistics solutions. Internet, FTP, EDI, fax, e-mail, and toll-free ordering and connectivity are all supported.

With MDS Fulfillment, corporate personnel, distributors, dealers, sales agents, and customers all benefit from improved quality in inventory, order, and shipping management. Communications are enhanced. Data is timely, accurate, and meaningful. And, a quick response is provided to all client requests.