MDS Fulfillment’s quality strategy is centered on Six Sigma principles.  We believe that only through Continuous Process Improvement efforts can we achieve stable and predictable quality results.  MDS Fulfillment defines all business processes and documents them in a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) database.  Standard Operating Procedures are continually evolving and improving based on input from our CIP suggestion process from our team members and our clients/partners.

Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process by identifying and removing the causes of errors.  We measure six Key Performance Indicators and track our performance on monthly score cards that are run for each of our clients.  This monthly reporting identifies our performance versus industry standards for the following metrics:

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Picking Accuracy
  • Damage Free Shipments
  • Documentation Accuracy

MDS is proud to exceed the industry average and at or above the industry best practice average for the Key Performance Indicators that we track. Our entire team is committed to the continual pursuit of perfection. To that end, our quality team meets every day to review all operational metrics and review any order issues to avert potential service failures.